12th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit

6 – 7 October 2021 | Vienna / Online

In today’s digital era, customer expectations continue to grow day by day, making customer experience a priority for both, large and small companies in every industry. A successful business should be useful, practical and enjoyable from the customers’ point of view. It is crucial not only to listen to the customers, but to be ready to provide them with something “extra”. So, what can you offer to your customer in the era of endless choices? Is your multichannel communication seamless and efficient? How to gather customer feedback, analyse their needs and make sure your company provides the best customer experience possible? Join us at our interactive business conference to have your questions answered!

Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • What top problems will customer experience professionals need to solve in the upcoming year?
  • Omnichannel capabilities and COVID-19: How to achieve excellent service delivery in the post-pandemic environment?
  • Transparent, but not overwhelming: Wise usage of your analytics in the personalisation process
  • The new Voice of the Customer strategy: Aligning data through various departments
  • Digital channels as a new level of professional performance for positive customer experience
  • Data analytics: Driving product roadmaps forward, creating consistency and striking a balance between consumer engagement and data-overload
  • The biggest issues customer experience teams are facing this year: Things to follow up
  • The improvement of customer engagement: An outlook of 2021
  • The evolution of customer experience service design: Developing a natural relationship with customers


Gianluca PIPINO

Head of Portfolio and Customer Operations


Bancassurance: Customer Centricity in Operations

Bancassurance is a customer-centric channel by definition: offering an answer to insurance needs, leveraging on clients’ knowledge. Product innovation is not sufficient without an efficient, real-time, multichannel service model: telephone, website, app, branch and sales network are different touch points of the same integrated journey – activated on demand by the customer.

• Customer expectations on digital experience from insurance is increasing and aligning to big digital players
• Simplicity, convenience and transparency are key both on language, experience and product
• Timing and touch points with Carriers are selected by customers: The service model needs to be designed to answer to this request


Altice Portugal B2C Segment Director


Redesigned Customer Experience Through Five Senses

The journey to leverage customer experience, from the pain points solving, to engagement through a five senses experience.

• Customer expectations in the new global world
• Real-time Voice of the Customer programme
• Redesigned customer experience through five senses

Lawrence CODLING



Playing to Win – The Story of the CX Factory Team – Berlin

In early 2017, a vision was born, shining a light of hope through the darkness of corporate agnosticism. A small speedboat that would bring agility to the mighty tanker it served was set on a course of customer obsession. Thus began a relentless quest for user knowledge and customer truth, with a laser-focussed target of over-delivery and consumer delight...

• Building a CX programme – Dazzling stakeholders to CX via your team and their actions
• Cross-functional excellence in a world of COVID-19 and remote working
• Team challenges, team victories, team learnings


Head of Customer Experience and Satisfaction Excellence


Driving a New Physical Transformation Balancing "the Wow Effect", and Continuous Improvement

Sponsoring a customer-centric strategy is not a choice anymore, even in the insurance industry. Accelerated digital trends, challenging market expectations and efficiency targets are requiring both a clear roadmap and fast-paced decisions. Let’s reflect on how to drive a successful transformation, exploiting internal and external data sources, ensuring cross-organisation alignment, optimising the investment between innovative digital features and improved physical experiences.

• "Voice of the Customer" and "Voice of the Process" analyses to define your strategy
• Employees engagement with real-time monitoring "to walk in the customers' shoes"
• Deployment of a physical strategy to simplify customers, employees and distributors' journeys


SVP Operations EMEA


Making Your Customer Experience Consistent

Designing customer experience is a very complex task, but making the organisation fit to deliver consistently the customer experience you desire is even more complicated. Deploying the right technology enablers into your operations ecosystem and advancing into service industrialisation are key elements to succeed.

• Service industrialisation
• Customer experience
• AI and process automation
• Employee engagement

Interesting insights and great speakers. I really liked the companies presented, the atmosphere and overall networking

Head of Customer Relationship Management at Generali

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