13th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit

12 – 13 October 2022 | Symposion Rainers Hotel Vienna

With the constant development in customer experience strategy, interaction and innovation between customers and organization, digitalization and future threats experts from the field need to be prepared for everyday changes. The importance of interactions and long year experiences from our speakers will help you to understand how to make your customer happy and loyal. Ideas how to build a closer relationship with customers is a must to have for every company after a long period of changes.

The 13th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit focuses on hot topics in the industry and gives you a great opportunity to hear about digital customer experience, customer journey and services, as well as the latest trends, clinical trials, digitalization or cyber security from the top players.

This interactive customer experience event has been designed for you to get together with the top experts in the industry. Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to network and discuss how to deliver a great customer experience, share your ideas and get inspired by experts from the field. Our customer experience event provides you with valuable tips, ideas and insights on how to transform your business into one your customers will be satisfied with.

The seats are limited, get your tickets today in order to ensure you will attend this CEM conference and stir up debate with senior-level decision-makers.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Happy Customer = Loyal Customer: The importance of interactions and experiences with customer
  • Managing new ideas: From ideation to action
  • Different types of management vs. different types of innovation
  • How to inject new life into old business models?
  • How to figure out which version of omnichannel to embrace?
  • Digitalization- investment behind the digitalization
  • Future threats in customer experience



Vice President, Global Brand Partnerships


Elevating the Consumer Experience Through Brand Partnerships

The power of brand partnerships in the customer experience journey. How to co-curate and drive impact through successful collaborations.


Director, Customer Experience


Our Story on How to Understand NPS

Case study of 5+ years of missteps and successes on the journey of increasing value to customers and trying to understand NPS at the same time.

Real life examples of:
• What didn't work for us
• What worked for us
• What's next

Christopher RASTIN

Global Research & Insight Lead, Global Insight & Customer Experience


There is No Customer Experience without Research: Insights into the Action is Not Just a Cliché

Research forms the foundation of making correct decisions. Without facts based on solid data and analysis, nothing can be understood properly and monitored to determine the impact of our activities and initiatives.
In this session, we will examine the core aspects of scientific literacy that is required for Customer Experience professionals to take research into CX action. By using NPS as an example we will delve into how customer experience activities influence NPS scores and how without those activities being successful, the data will never provide the results you and your colleagues want, as well as leaving alone your customers, Executive Board and shareholders.

• Scientific Literacy
• Research to Action
• Driver Modelling

Miguel Angel CARRASCO

Customer Care Director


Messaging: The Killer Application to Digitalise Our Customers

Orange Spain has clearly bet to open a strong messaging channel for its customers with great operational results. Customers and agents just love it. Nevertheless, the main objective is to convert it in the main ally for the traditional digital self-care channels.

• The origin of the channel. How to build it and where are the hurdles
• Main KPIs you should take care of
• The Business Case. Does it fly?
• Should you move customers between channels? How to?


Head of Strategy & Business Transformation


Leisure Hotels Experience: Data Analytics for Quality Management

Presentation explores approaches and limitations of the use of data in terms of quality management and product development in leisure hotels.

• Understanding customers' preferences throughout the customer journey.
• Booking drivers vs. satisfaction drivers, what the customer is willing to pay for vs. what makes them happy.
• What makes a satisfied customer into a promoter? What makes the real difference?

Good speakers, I took some very good takeaways and inspiration. I also liked the networking.

– Head of Customer Inlife – Customer Service, Telefónica

We offer to world’s leading companies at our summit

Case Studies

Experience leaders will provide you with lessons learned.


The chance for market-leading business knowledge networking.


All attendees will have a great opportunity to discuss a selection of topics in small groups with their peers.

New Ideas

We are partnering with experienced professionals to provide creative ideas, inspiration, and guidance.

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We are committed to achieving new standards of excellence by providing conference formats that encourages interaction, networking and high class knowledge sharing. With experts, well-supported staff, motivated to deliver quality, Allan Lloyds vision is to be recognized as the global leader in providing high quality business conferences.

What we offer to world’s leading companies

  • Experience-based case studies
  • Round table discussions
  • Impeccable networking opportunities
  • Limited number of seats in the audience ensuring friendly atmosphere
  • No media or press presence


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