10th Annual Strategic Customer
Excellence Summit

14 – 15 April 2021 | Online

In the world of constant competition and instability the exploration of the digital, physical and social realms of customer experience may appear a key decision to create a unique and superior customer experience in all business-to-consumer markets.

The era of ceaseless change requires us to be prepared to the advancements of next-generation technologies, when traditional rule-based decision-making may not be able to adapt effectively to meet customer expectations and requirements. Is your company ready for the latest trends and innovations to make sure you are bettering your customer experience at your full potential?

Hottest topics will be discussed this annual

  • Customer experience sphere – A new battlefield for 2021
  • Service segment becoming the major influence on the customer experience management markets growth: Easiness and convenience for all kinds of customers
  •  Digital customers and their new shopping journeys: More and faster as a new standard
  • Managing a new nature of customer complaints: Tech complaints – The right response and resolutions
  • Omnichannel is the new norm: Why is such experience crucial?
  • How to interact with customers on various platforms coherently? Multichannel experience becoming omnichannel
  • Cognitive chatbots maintaining utmost customer experience: AI and ML conquering all the spheres, the best practices for CX implementation
  • ML and AI for optimising operations: The benefits of augmented data management
  • Does self-service technology assure customer satisfaction? Perceiving customer satisfaction with technology-based services



Customer Success Manager


Technology and Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Omnichannel Customer Journey

To remain competitive and sustain growth as the digital transformation reshapes the business environment, companies need to embrace innovation while delivering great customer experiences, operating with agility and empowering their people to be more productive. Join this session to understand how technology and artificial intelligence transform the omnichannel customer journey and connect teamwork across the organisation to enable successful customer outcomes at speed and scale.

• Transform the omnichannel journey and connect teamwork across the organisation to achieve customer success
• Embrace digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence to deliver optimal customer experience
• Empower your team with the knowledge and tools they need to be at their best


Head of TV Proposition & Customer Experience


Redefine Customer Experience in New TV Competitive Landscape

TV and media industry is witnessing the rise of over the top players (e.g. Amazon, Netflix, Apple, etc.) entering the market with simple and flexible offerings, reshaping the expectations of customers in terms of value proposition and customer experience. In such context, traditional TV players are focusing on a simplification of product portfolio and customer journeys to keep their competitive stance. This case study will show how Sky has worked in past months on the evolution of its value proposition shifting its approach towards customer experience.

• Shift of customer expectations in the TV industry
• Customer involvement in decision-making process and pain point analysis
• The use of customer journey design as a tool to drive customer-oriented decisions across the company
• Simplification of customer experience and value proposition


Head of Omnichannel Experience & Transformation


The Role of Digital Omnichannel Experiences in Physical Channels

Customer expectations when visiting retail stores changed during the last years. Even driven by the COVID-19 pandemic restriction, the focus on digital sales and service channels increases significantly. In the omnichannel game, creating an excellent digital customer experience in stores and consistent and relevant omnichannel journeys are key drivers for customer satisfaction and commercial success.


Head of Customer Experience


Transforming Voice of Customer into Organisational Learning via Artificial Intelligence

How do we go from just looking at 5-star ratings or NPS to learning and also taking actions from our customer insights? If we dare take a step back from the KPIs we will understand that customer comments is a goldmine for developing our entire organisation. One challenge is to analyse and present the comments in a structured way and also make sure that everyone who needs this information gets it. At Volkswagen Group Sverige they are currently doing this.

• Voice of Customer for decision-making
• Customer journey as a structure that everyone can understand
• Artificial learning to structure and analyse data from many sources
• Make sure learnings are spread in the organisation


Vice President, Customer Experience, Change Management, Communications


Technology and Employee Experience: What We Learned During the Pandemic

The start of the pandemic impacted us all in many ways and it radically changed the way we worked from one day to another. Companies are all still adapting to the demands of a digital workforce and to changes in labour restrictions of different countries. Let’s reflect on how technology is enabling an isolated digital workforce to come together to keep the business running and how this has forever changed the way we will work in the coming years.

• Impact of the pandemic in the workforce
• Transformation of the employee experience
• Technology as an enabler of the digital workforce
• The new digital employee experience

Among quite a number of conference I have attended, this was absolutely my favourite one. I really enjoyed it and learned many valuable insights and ideas that I will take home with me

Director Customer Experience Management at Turkcell

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