This year Summit will host speakers from the world’s leading companies.
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EMEA YouTube Operations Manager
Director of Customer Experience
Director of Customer Experience
Matteo Luigi
Head of Customer Experience and Communication Unit
Javier Alfonso
Head Of Customer Experience and Design, LFP and 3D Printing
Customer Collaboration Director


Selected Case Studies from the Agenda

Thomas REBYEMEA YouTube Operations Manager
Google Ltd

Delivering AIntelligent Customer Experience

With the emergence of Machine Learning and AI as technologies that promise to define the next generation of CX, we are offered a chance to reexamine the role of the human in service workflows. In this session we will uncover where machines beat humans, but also how that may uncover the next level of human interaction and value-add that substitutes ways of old.

  • Ensuring workflows are ripe for AI interpretation
  • Areas in which machines can do a better job that humans
  • Where humans are needed to support machines
  • The new frontier of Customer Experience
Christina HIRSCHDirector Customer Experience
Vodafone Germany

Customer Experience as Efficiency Driver

Telcos are not always well trusted by their customers. They are prominent for overpromising in sales, hidden costs and bad service. This presentation is about improving CX and efficiency at the same point in time, by consequent implementation and extension of customer experience standards.

  • CX standards in Product Development
  • The customers lawyers as consequent challenge
  • Customer Experience product lines to complement the business
  • Efficiency gains and improvement in customer service
Alex TERPSTRADirector of Customer Experience

Radical moves and step-by-step change: becoming an agile Customer Experience Bank

Becoming the best Customer Experience bank requires a daily commitment to radical moves with direct customer impact, but also a strong focus on step-by-step progress towards long-term change. This session addresses how ABN AMRO – a leading Dutch bank ‘with a legacy’ – is currently doing it both and is learning on the job. Fueled by a profound focus on customers and a dedication to delivering ultimate value to their moments of truth, groundbreaking examples will be shared on how we co-create in building branded functional and emotional experiences that last. From listening and learning to doing and making a difference.

  • Moving from a ‘legacy-company’ to an agile CX-bank
  • Building ultimate functional and emotional branded customer experiences
  • Customer Insights Engine: delivering the voice of the customer to everybody
  • Closed Loop Feedback: listening, learning, doing and building long-term cultural change
  • SANDBOX: getting customer improvements done in a single day
Matteo Luigi ACQUAROHead of Customer Experience and Communication Unit
Intesa Sanpaolo

Customer engagement: transforming the business in the age of the client

The world spins faster and faster, everything is connected, personalized. Customers have constant access to all the information they need, they build new expectations in a made-to-measure world. Intesa Sanpaolo underwent a complete digital transformation starting from customer needs and the goal of improving their experience. The result: an increase in customer satisfaction that brought us to be the leading traditional bank in terms of Net Promoter Score in Italy as well as one of the seven most advanced global players in in terms of depth of their digital transformation.

  • Intesa Sanpaolo at a glance
  • New digital customer experience
  • Customer experience and fintech
  • Client feedback and NPS to create sustainable value
  • Case In Offerta: digital marketing platform to support our corporate and SME clients